to paper lunes no.5 "parallel lines."

page one - this is the first verse from "freight train" by elizabeth cotten. it is said that she wrote this song when she was 11 years old. when i was 11 years old, my favorite shirt was a grey shirt with boo boo bear on it. i was not writing songs like this. at any rate, i identified very much with her verse at the age of 27, just wanting to disappear for a while. 

page seven - a correction to a typo for the passage dated august 6, 2012. the correct text should read, "amidst the usual fare of cornflakes and supermarket muffins, a tower of hardboiled eggs is positioned at the center of the table." while imagining a county fair in which breakfast staples are congregating around a hardboiled egg centerpiece is the kind of world i want to live in, that was not the intended writing.

page fifteen - the familiar street mentioned here is the block on 16th street between mission and valencia (san francisco, california). 

page sixteen - is blank.

page seventeen - there are about ten pieces of imagery on this page that were intended as secret messages. i'm all about secret messages. 

page eighteen - mummy's is a real bar. i have never been. i can neither confirm nor deny that those are the actual patrons.

page twenty two - the constellation i was looking for was not ursa major or ursa minor.